An introduction to entrepeneurship

By Victor Manuel Pérez


This is the story of a teenager who wanted to be an entrepreneur, left the economic safety of his job determined to pursue the path of entrepreneurship, and shortly after starting, his business broke. The end.

Carlos Slim — “Austerity is fundamental to build solid companies”

In the life of the entrepreneur there are rules that must be followed to lessen the failure, as there are also goals that have to be defined to locate the direction of your business. There are no hidden keys you can get at the bottom of the swamp, behind the bright blue stone next to the skeletons eaten away by time; there are simply hidden keys that you find over the years, with the experience that life gives you. This is evident as heard from experiences that big businessmen share with you, which should be emphasized that doesn´t happen quite frequently since the average successful businessman is possessive of the secret that led him to success.

Experience has led me to understand the inside joke of business, it is well known that to start a business you require savings that allow your business to survive as soon as you start operations; you will have to understand that success is not around the corner and when things suddenly start going well, you can receive an unexpected twist that will shake or break your company. The key around this is to realize that negative events are normal when it comes to entrepreneurship, the worst thing you can do when you think you are on top and success feels just around the corner, is to trust yourself with the same success you have “at the moment”.

Once you understand and accept the negatives of entrepreneurship, you will have to draw a “real” goal; it’s no use saying, I’m going to start a hamburger business that´s a franchise and by the end of the year I’ll be competing with McDonalds. Can you achieve it? Of course, but it is not a real goal; it´s ambitious but you can be so excited that when you finally see the real side of things, you are already living the failure. If you have an idea that you think it is very good, analyze the pros and cons that may arise along the way, draw up a work plan and surround yourself with positive people; look for how to start with a little investment and let the earnings whisper in your ear, keep going! It´s working.

Robert Kiyosaki — “La pasión es el inicio del éxito”

Think short term to make it real, act according to your determination, believe in your idea as no one else would, leave negative people out of your way even if it is your own family weighing you down, then think and build an empire based on effort, sweat and tears you spend in your project. It´s also good to surround yourself with people who share the same goals, the same hunger to grow and be somebody, find those who bring “something” to your project with be ideas or motivation; learn to move your cards, and do not give up even if you fall 20 times, get up and go. Remember your dreams are yours, your goals are yours, your vision is yours and no one else’s, and don´t allow anyone to interfere in your project, be ambitious of and prove to yourself that you can. It all depends on you if you want to become a successful entrepreneur or end up at someone else’s desk adding value to your company instead of contributing to your own brand.

Success depends on you and no one else, nobody said it would be easy, the majority cried to see their businesses collapse, many bet absolutely everything till they see results, many started broke and now are millionaires who own successful companies. Many could not have achieved that level alone and invited people with similar goals to join their vision and are currently business partners with countless sales. Success relies on how hard you work for it, so lose fear and pay attention to those who have done it before, study their stories and stay motivated, hold on to the spark that started it all, shake it off and continue working for it every day, this is not over until it´s over.

If you call yourself an entrepreneur, you better believe it.

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