The difference between a Buyer Persona and a Target Market

By Karen Ramírez

There are many terms in the business and marketing world that are commonly mixed up when discussing them, while we must not forget that they can be related or can complement each other they are not by any means the same. If we concentrate on these two terms the “buyer persona and target market” we can be confused regarding the difference from one another and what they really do.

First, the buyer persona is the kind of client that´s ideal for a service or product that a specific company offers; we can also define it as an ideal profile of potential consumers for the company. To complement this concept the buyer persona has its own purchase process that is described by 4 steps:


Within this same process, there are two ways of how to reach the customer that applies to this buyer persona:

  1. With the buyer persona a need HAS to exist, the customer buys (the service or product) from the company and we (as the company) study why the buyer persona bought that specific product, service or why he or they went with the competition.
  2. The buyer persona has motivations or reasons why they buy that specific product or service in that company.

This specific information, helps companies study and make important decisions regarding to whom they will direct their advertising campaigns for whichever product or service they offer.

Now if we focus on the term target, also used as target market, this is defined as the consumer we direct the product or service through marketing strategies. It is a slightly more abstract concept, it refers to the grouping of a certain number of people without their own identity. While the buyer persona focuses on defining the needs of those same customers, the target chooses or defines its audience according to their sex, age, socioeconomic level, etc.

In conclusion this is supposed to clarify the difference between buyer persona and target with through the concepts shared before; even if they can complement each other you can now see that they are not the same, the target focuses on the basic information; on the other hand, the buyer persona focuses on more than the basics, it also studies how that consumer shops and defines their customers on a deeper level.



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