LOIS Tacos & Beer

This local restaurant-bar was entering its fifth year in operations and wanted to make a leap from a local brand to a regional one, however while the timing was right, the business itself was lost in some sort of “finding it self” slump, that had driven down employee moral, complicated internal procedures and thus affecting overall sales and profits. It was clear that while the bases for growth were there, there was a lot of tweaking to be done in order to grow, as growing pains would only add issues to an already growing list of symptoms. Here is how we approached this one:


Human Resource Utilization Optimization

Creation of job positions and responsibilities within hierarchy. Creation of employee manuals, with detailed process maps for each individual position (micro) as well as how they interact with other department processes (macro). 160 hours worth of training and retraining for current employees within the fields of: customer service, Menu up-sales, and damage control and management procedures.

Overall Cost reduction through

Supply chain development with a focus on quality over price. True costing of menu through weighed portions and updated cost. Restructuring Menu, removing non selling options, and reinventing local favorites. Overall cost reduction of 8% (not counting over head and RH related cost reduction).

Banding and Publicity Campaign

Updated corporate branding image, and implemented company culture guide. Launched publicity campaign focused on showing our new service culture and renovated image, through these channels: Video comercial and redesigned Menu.


3D Render

A 3D Render of a potential restoration for the restaurant.


Wrap Up

After our collaboration was finished, the restaurant was able to reinforce the original concept under which it was established originally, however with a new strength within its workforce, establishing a company guide and culture that would be their distinctive brand once a second, or third branch was announced!




Restaurant Design