An engineering and robotic solution based company was formed by two by two freshly out of college engineers. While their business idea was strong, planning was a must in order to kick off their ambitious goal oriented start-up company.

The company had all the qualifying factors that any potential industrial customer would desire: young, eager and talented engineers, very competitive pricing and the equipment to manufacture anything the customer desired. However, the lack of departmental structure and corresponding documentation and traceability was a diminishing factor.



Updated branding and company media outlet


Created a QA department which intervened in cut off quality checks and outgoing final inspection


Created SOP’s for each manufacturing area


Creation of departments and department functions in order to provide the company with a hierarchy based control system

Wrap Up

After hours of audits and side by shadow working, we were able to create a standardized process based operation strategy, one which was divided through various departments and department managers in order to create a macro process which was quality focused and productivity oriented.

Logo Design


Web Page

A native web page to present SARCO´S content to the public.

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Corporate Identity

A brand new esthetic designs for the company stationery.